Following the consultations held in July 2018 by Stadium for Bath, the PERA committee has been considering the issues raised by the proposals for the new stadium on the Rec.  In doing so, we have taken the time to seek the views of local residents on the proposed redevelopment.

Whilst the views of PERA’s members vary widely, we think it is important for PERA to state its position.  To that end we have produced a summary of the key concerns and issues raised by the proposed new stadium which can be found here.

Further thoughts and comments are welcome from our members and should be submitted to the relevant committee member.  

For an update of the latest developments follow this link: 

19 July 2018

Over the last year Bath Rugby has been engaging with the local residents as well as other groups over its desire to build a new stadium on the Rec. The process is ongoing. For an update of the latest developments use the following link: 

PERA’s position has been clear for several years. While not opposed to improvements/redevelopment of the current stadium, PERA is opposed to any changes that will cause further noise, nuisance or pollution and degrade the utility of the area as being a great place to live. As PERA members we are keen on your views. The PERA committee members responsible for liaison with the Rugby club are: Nigel Websper; Roy Hatch and Sue Shipman. You will find their email details on the committee membership page.

UPDATE: We have recently become aware of a proposal to build a temporary stadium on the rest of the Rec to accommodate Bath Rugby whilst the new stadium is being built. We are very interested in PERA members feedback on this idea. Please send comments to the relevant committee members.

Stadium for Bath has announced dates in July when the public can view their “emerging concepts for the new stadium and riverside”. See

We would encourage PERA members to attend and to send us feedback on your thoughts.

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