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PERA 2017 Spring newsletter









A new group has been formed to help maintain & improve Henrietta Park 

New members are most welcome!










Museum of East Asian Art

We have had a letter from the museum asking if anyone is interested in volunteering:-


To: Secretary, Pulteney Estates Residents' Association
Dear Sally Brown
On behalf of the team at the Museum of East Asian Art, I would appreciate it if you would circulate this invitation to your members via your mailings and website.
Invitation to join our Volunteer team at the Museum of East Asian Art, Bath
We are recruiting Visitor Services Volunteers to join our Volunteer team at the Museum of East Asian Art, particularly volunteers who can help us on weekday shifts 10am-1pm or 1pm-4pm and join the regular volunteer rota (weekly, monthly or occasional shifts). No specialist knowledge or language skills are needed - just plenty of enthusiasm!
At the moment, we have opportunities for Visitor Services Volunteers who would like to cover these shifts:
  • Tuesdays 10am-1pm 
  • Weds 10am-1pm & 1pm-4pm  (1-4pm is a priority shift on Wednesdays)
  • Thursdays 10am-1pm & 1pm-4pm
All volunteers have an opportunity to help at Museum events. See the attached events programme and the Museum website  for details of events. Also, volunteers can join a weekly, informal drop-in Mandarin language group for beginners if they wish. This group meets on Monday afternoons at the Museum 3.30-4.30pm.
To find out more about volunteering with us, especially becoming a Visitor Services Volunteer, please contact Jill Sutherland, our Visitor Services & Retail Manager or Jane Sparrow, Volunteer Coordinator or call us on 01225 464466. 




Tennis on The Rec

Spa Lawn Tennis Club

Membership open now

At The Recreation Ground 

Real grass courts

May – September £60

Club afternoon is Saturday 2-5pm

Club evening is Wednesday 6pm

Members can play any time.

Contact Paul on 01225 428883



PERA 2016 Membership Subscriptions


 Renewal of Subscriptions.

March is the month when we renew our subscriptions to the  Pulteney Estates Residents' Association. Most people do this by standing orders through their banks, but there are some members who do not trust our banking system and pay by cash. If you are one of those please could you forward your cheques payable to Pulteney Estates Residents' Association or cash to our Treasurer at 77, Great Pulteney Street.

Membership fee is £5 for a single member or £25 for a house with multiple occupation. 





Le Flamma/Pollocks

Doug White, our treasurer, has negotiated a 10% discount for all PERA members on meals & take-away food from Le Flamma Restaurant/Pollocks Fish & Chips in Argyle St.

Just identify yourself as a PERA member when ordering.



Museum of East Asian Art


The museum has written to us asking if any members are interested in volunteering to help with front-of-house or communications & marketing roles.



Times can be flexible on week days or at weekends.

Anyone interested can contact Jane Sparrow at or phone 01225 464640






St Mary's Churchyard

Alastair Cowan has asked if any members are interested in volunteering to help restore & maintain this beautiful old churchyard.



Almost all those streets represented by Pera are included in the Parish of St Mary’s which owns St Mary’s Churchyard but of those who help maintain the Churchyard only three live within the Pera area.

We are in danger of the churchyard reverting to it’s overgrown and locked state unless more people come forward. We are a friendly group who meet once a month on a Saturday for two hours. Often some are away so it is not exactly demanding. For the less active simple weeding is a great help. It is somehow hard to imagine that among all the members there are not at least a few who could help with this worthwhile enterprise.

Anyone interested in helping can contact Alastair by email at :- 

- or by phone on 01225 463905



Railway Electrification

Network Rail have announced their plans for the electrification of the railway line though Bath. Details and programme schedule are on their website - together with timetable changes and the dates of  drop-in sessions at the Guildhall. 




PACT - Priorities from the last meeting...

Current public priorities

Agreed 9th July 2014


1. Begging

2. Coaches on Brook Street (between Circus and Royal Crescent) 

3. Cyclists using the pavements


Please get involved. PACT (Partners and Communities Togeather) has been created to meet the needs of the local community, but they need your support to continue these meetings.

 T hey have had a number of successes ... notably litter collection, vagrants, begging in the Pulteney Estate, anti-social behaviour in Henrietta, Sydney Gardens and the old cricket clubhouse on the Recreation Ground. 

Carfax Hotel - Great Pulteney Street,  Bath

A planning application to turn the Carfax Hotel into a boutique hotel with a public bar and housing a public restaurant in  large extension to the rear, has been withdrawn. The application attracted considerable response, with the vast majority having significant reservations about its impact on the local community. PERA's response summed up much of the local feeling.  


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